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In the name of the LORD, the Everlasting God
--Genesis 21,33

Mishneh Torah for the Palm Pilot

This is our full Hebrew text of the RaMBaM's Mishneh Torah Code according to the Yemenite manuscripts; and it is the most accurate version for study of Mishneh Torah available anywhere, whether in print or for computer.

NOTE: These files require both Hebrew support and the iSilo Palm Pilot reader; the TealDoc reader cannot read these files, but the iSilo reader can read TealDoc files.

After releasing this version initially, we discovered that there are two somewhat different systems of Hebrew support for the Palm Pilot with slightly different handing of our texts; until a single standard is adopted, we are providing files for each system separately. You should take care to get what is right for your Palm Pilot's Hebrew support. If you are not sure what to get, just try getting a small file from either system and check how the square parentheses [x] look: if they look OK (not backwards like ]x[), you got the right kind of file; if not, you got the wrong kind and need to download the other kind of file.

By the way, the halakhah numbers in [x] are the numbers in the standard Vilna edition, and those at the start of the halakhot are the numbers according to the majority of the Yemenite manuscripts; the adjustment in the borders between halakhot often aids in understanding them, and at times even radically changes the meaning of the text and changes the halakhah lema`aseh according to the RaMBaM (see Laws of Forbidden Foods 9,3-4 for a classic example, which puzzled the commentators who just had access to the usual printed versions).

The MTR for Palm Pilot in the first version was hand assembled in hours of pains-taking work by a devoted Palm Pilot user from the MTR for PC files in the version for Elul 5759; it resulted in reports that a few chapters were accidentally left out, which is still good for a hand-assembled job. This version was automatically generated from the ??.htm files of our Web site (click on the Hebrew MT link at the top and bottom of this page to see the originals) in about 10 minutes for each Hebrew support system on an aging 486dx33, without human intervention; we hope that this has resulted in a version without any missing chapters and with the very latest corrections to the constantly refined text. Because it is now so easy to make an update, we should be able to update the individual .PDB files every time we update the main Web site files (which is sometimes several times a week).

You now also have your choice of downloading either the whole collection of files for the Palm Pilot in one 1.9MB zip file or in individual files, according to your needs. If you just want to see if this version suits your needs, try downloading one file on a subject that interests you and study it.

Unless you are downloading the zipped version, which includes an old iSilo free reader, be sure not to forget to get the iSilo Palm Pilot reader for browsing our files, before trying to use them. You now have two choices: either download the latest version from the iSilo site or the old iSilo free version from here. The old free version cannot do global searches and cannot use the extra memory on expansion cards found on the newer machines. The latest version, on the other hand, can do these things and more, even if not paid for (for details on additional features, see the iSilo site); but it is a "trial version" ($20 shareware) that will automatically turn itself into a freeware version after 30 days use, if no registration code is entered.

The individual files and their sizes are given below by order of their appearance in Mishneh Torah:

PiLoc-Har'el Hebrew Support

All of Mishneh Torah in one zip file (1.9m)
Updated since the zip of 8 September 2004:

00 Haqdamah (37k)
Madda` -
11 Yesodey haTorah (19k)
12 De`ot (16k)
13 Talmud Torah (13k)
14 `Avodah Zarah (26k)
15 Teshuvah (19k)
Ahavah -
21 Qiryat Shema` (7k)
22 Tefillah uVirkhat Kohanim (31k)
23 Tefillin, Mezuzah, weSefer Torah (26k)
24 Tsitsit (5k)
25 Berakhot (21k)
26 Milah (5k)
27 Seder haTefillah (25k)
Zemannim -
31 Shabbat (81k)
32 `Eruvin (20k)
33 Shevitat `Asor (4k)
34 Shevitat Yom Tov (22k)
35 Hamets uMattsah (18k)
36 Shofar, Sukkah, weLolav (16k)
37 Sheqalim (6k)
38 Qiddush haHodesh (33k)
39 Ta`aniyot (10k)
3a Megillah waHanukkah (8k)
Nashim -
41 'Ishshut (64k)
42 Gerushin (37k)
43 Yibbum waHalitsah (22k)
44 Na`arah Betulah (5k)
45 Sotah (9k)
Qedushah -
51 'Issurey Bi'ah (58k)
52 Ma'akhalot 'Asurot (45k)
53 Shehitah (27k)
Hafla'ah -
61 Shevu`ot (21k)
62 Nedarim (24k)
63 Nezirut (19k)
64 `Arakhin waHamarim (18k)
Zera`im -
71 Kil'ayim (19k)
72 Mattenot `Aniyim (21k)
73 Terumot (33k)
74 Ma`aser (23k)
75 Ma`aser Sheni waNeta` Reva`i (18k)
76 Bikkurim (22k)
77 Shemittah weYovel (24k)
`Avodah -
81 Beyt haBehirah (17k)
82 Keley haMiqdash weha`Ovedim Bo (18k)
83 Bi'at haMiqdash (16k)
84 'Issurey Mizbeah (12k)
85 Ma`aseh haQorbanot (33k)
86 Temidin uMusafin (19k)
87 Pesuley haMuqdashin (31k)
88 `Avodat Yom haKippurim (10k)
89 Me`ilah (13k)
Qorbanot -
91 Qorban Pesah (17k)
92 Hagigah (5k)
93 Bekhorot (13k)
94 Shegagot (22k)
95 Mehussarey Kapparah (7k)
96 Temurah (6k)
Taharah -
a1 Tum'at Met (38k)
a2 Parah 'Adummah (22k)
a3 Tum'at Tsara`at (25k)
a4 Metamme'ey Mishkav uMoshav (19k)
a5 She'ar 'Avot haTum'ah (30k)
a6 Tum'at 'Okhalin (25k)
a7 Kelim (41k)
a8 Miqwot (17k)
Nezaqim -
b1 Nizqey Mamon (23k)
b2 Genevah (13k)
b3 Gezelah wa'Avedah (30k)
b4 Hovel uMazziq (14k)
b5 Rotseah uShmirat Nefesh (20k)
Qinyan -
c1 Mekhirah (43k)
c2 Zekhiyah uMattanah (20k)
c3 Shekhenim (21k)
c4 Sheluhin weShuttafin (16k)
c5 `Avadim (16k)
Mishpatim -
d1 Sekhirut (21k)
d2 She'elah uFiqqadon (11k)
d3 Malweh weLoweh (45k)
d4 To`en weNit`an (27k)
d5 Nehalot (15k)
Shofetim -
e1 Sanhedrin weha`Onashin haMesurin lahem (38k)
e2 `Edut (24k)
e3 Mamrim (11k)
e4 'Evel (20k)
e5 Melakhim uMilhamot (20k)

All of Mishneh Torah in one zip file (1.9m)
Updated since the zip of 8 September 2004:
Penticon Hebrew Support

All of Mishneh Torah in one zip file (1.9m)
Updated since the zip of 8 September 2004:

00p Haqdamah (37k)
Madda` -
11p Yesodey haTorah (19k)
12p De`ot (16k)
13p Talmud Torah (13k)
14p `Avodah Zarah (26k)
15p Teshuvah (19k)
Ahavah -
21p Qiryat Shema` (7k)
22p Tefillah uVirkhat Kohanim (31k)
23p Tefillin, Mezuzah, weSefer Torah (26k)
24p Tsitsit (5k)
25p Berakhot (21k)
26p Milah (5k)
27p Seder haTefillah (25k)
Zemannim -
31p Shabbat (81k)
32p `Eruvin (20k)
33p Shevitat `Asor (4k)
34p Shevitat Yom Tov (22k)
35p Hamets uMattsah (18k)
36p Shofar, Sukkah, weLolav (16k)
37p Sheqalim (6k)
38p Qiddush haHodesh (33k)
39p Ta`aniyot (10k)
3ap Megillah waHanukkah (8k)
Nashim -
41p 'Ishshut (64k)
42p Gerushin (37k)
43p Yibbum waHalitsah (22k)
44p Na`arah Betulah (5k)
45p Sotah (9k)
Qedushah -
51p 'Issurey Bi'ah (58k)
52p Ma'akhalot 'Asurot (45k)
53p Shehitah (27k)
Hafla'ah -
61p Shevu`ot (21k)
62p Nedarim (24k)
63p Nezirut (19k)
64p `Arakhin waHamarim (18k)
Zera`im -
71p Kil'ayim (19k)
72p Mattenot `Aniyim (21k)
73p Terumot (33k)
74p Ma`aser (23k)
75p Ma`aser Sheni waNeta` Reva`i (18k)
76p Bikkurim (22k)
77p Shemittah weYovel (24k)
`Avodah -
81p Beyt haBehirah (17k)
82p Keley haMiqdash weha`Ovedim Bo (18k)
83p Bi'at haMiqdash (16k)
84p 'Issurey Mizbeah (12k)
85p Ma`aseh haQorbanot (33k)
86p Temidin uMusafin (19k)
87p Pesuley haMuqdashin (31k)
88p `Avodat Yom haKippurim (10k)
89p Me`ilah (13k)
Qorbanot -
91p Qorban Pesah (17k)
92p Hagigah (5k)
93p Bekhorot (13k)
94p Shegagot (22k)
95p Mehussarey Kapparah (7k)
96p Temurah (6k)
Taharah -
a1p Tum'at Met (38k)
a2p Parah 'Adummah (22k)
a3p Tum'at Tsara`at (25k)
a4p Metamme'ey Mishkav uMoshav (19k)
a5p She'ar 'Avot haTum'ah (30k)
a6p Tum'at 'Okhalin (25k)
a7p Kelim (41k)
a8p Miqwot (17k)
Nezaqim -
b1p Nizqey Mamon (23k)
b2p Genevah (13k)
b3p Gezelah wa'Avedah (30k)
b4p Hovel uMazziq (14k)
b5p Rotseah uShmirat Nefesh (20k)
Qinyan -
c1p Mekhirah (43k)
c2p Zekhiyah uMattanah (20k)
c3p Shekhenim (21k)
c4p Sheluhin weShuttafin (16k)
c5p `Avadim (16k)
Mishpatim -
d1p Sekhirut (21k)
d2p She'elah uFiqqadon (11k)
d3p Malweh weLoweh (45k)
d4p To`en weNit`an (27k)
d5p Nehalot (15k)
Shofetim -
e1p Sanhedrin weha`Onashin haMesurin lahem (38k)
e2p `Edut (24k)
e3p Mamrim (11k)
e4p 'Evel (20k)
e5p Melakhim uMilhamot (20k)

All of Mishneh Torah in one zip file (1.9m)
Updated since the zip of 8 September 2004:

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last updated: 8 September 2004

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